The International Broadcasting Co-production Conference (IBCC) is an annual international event that has been held in Seoul, South Korea since 2016 by the Korea Communications Commission (KCC). The KCC, a government organization directly under the President of the Republic of Korea, hosts the IBCC to promote the international co-production of broadcasting programs in response to the globalized environment of the broadcasting media.

The IBCC aims to find ways to foster cooperation between countries so that the broadcasting industries and cultures of all countries across the world can coexist. Further, the IBCC brings together various experts from domestic and overseas broadcasting sectors, including government agencies, broadcasters, production companies, and academia, to share and discuss the need for and meaning of a bilateral and multilateral broadcasting co-production agreement.

The first IBCC was held in 2016 with the participation of four countries (Turkey, UK, Thailand, and Indonesia). Every year, IBCC invites various countries to advance its global reach and reputation as a global conference. Since 2018, the “International Broadcasting Co-production Award” has been given to encourage global broadcast co-production and to inspire producers to be more creative. The IBCC also designates one country as the Country of Honor each year to introduce their broadcasting co-production environment and related systems. This provides a great opportunity for exchange and partnership for broadcasters and producers who want to expand globally.

The 2021 IBCC will be held on November 17th, 2021 in Seoul, South Korea. This event is scheduled to be held in a hybrid format that combines offline and online components due to the COVID-19 pandemic that the world is experiencing together.
International Broadcasting Co-production Conference 2021
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