Benefits of the international broadcasting co-production agreement
The international co-production agreement is a legally effective agreement between countries that provides the following official benefits in addition to the general benefits of co-production, such as production cost sharing, ease of market access, and exchange of know-how from partner countries.
Being recognized as domestic programs and entitled for support

- The co-production programs approved by the competent authorities of both countries under the co-production agreement can be recognized as domestic programs

- Once the co-production programs are recognized as domestic programs, they are eligible for any support and benefits provided to domestic programs of both countries and can circumvent regulations for non-domesitc programs of the partner country

Facilitate entry, travel and stay for production, utilization, and promotion purposes

- Under the co-production agreement, entering, traveling and staying in the partner country for the purpose of producing, utilizing and promoting co-production programs can be made easier by, for example, simplifying the visa application process

Duty-free entry of the goods related to the production and promotion of the co-production program

- Under the co-production agreement, temporary entry of goods for producing and promoting co-productions can be exempted from import duties and taxes

Co-ownership of copyright and credits

- The copyright of a co-production program shall be shared between the co-producers, and the division of revenue sharing between the co-producers shall be negotiated by the co-producers themselves considering their respective financial and creative contributions

An inter-governmental consultative body can be used in case of disputes

- The two countries may establish and operate a consultative body consisting of high-level officials from relevant ministries of both governments, to supervise the implementation of the agreement and discuss ways to resolve disputes regarding the interpretation and application of the agreement

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